December 10, 2011

It’s time I made an update to the darkroom blog after a bit over a year. Still not doing as much work out there as I thought, but I retired this year so things will pick up. From the post on October 31 of last year:

Still to be done:

• Film drying rack.
• Make a frame for the print drying racks.
• Get a new air compressor.
• Better tray storage.
• Storage for the enlarger lenses.

The film and print drying racks were done timely, as was the procurement of the air compressor. Alas, the enlarger lenses are still in a cardboard box and the trays are still haphazardly stacked under the sink.

I’ve also discovered a new light leak due to cracked seams due to the building shifting. These things are inevitable and unavoidable; and easily fixed with some caulk and paint, but …

It never ends …