Equipment inventory (for those who wish to know)


• Beseler 45 with Dichro 45S head
• Beseler 45 with standard condenser head

I also own an Omega D5XL with Chromega D head, 2 Omega B22 condenser enlargers and a Chromega B, but they are not installed.


• EL Nikkor: 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 105mm and 150mm.
• Schneider Componon S: 135mm


• RH Designs Stopclock for enlarging
• Spiratone Darkroom Director for film and print processing

Assorted other timers, such as old GraLab 300’s, Time-o-lites, etc.


• 11x14 Saunders, 16x20 Saunders, 14 x14 Kostiner, 20 x 20 Kostiner
• Ganz Speed Ez-Els: 4x5 through 11x14


• Kodak “D” and multiple Kodak “A” and “B” – all with “0C” filters, plus two red LED bulbs
(all properly tested to be "safe")


• 8 foot and 4 foot Delta 1

Print processing in trays: 8x10 – 16x20.

• 11x14 Versalab print washer
• 16x20 tray-type print washer

• Film processing in standard stainless steel tanks and reels – various brands.

• Film wash in “WatAir” type forced air washers.


Window type air-conditioner/heater installed in wall.
Ceiling fan.
Stereo with am/fm, CD player.
Small refrigerator
Microwave oven


I’ve been accumulating darkroom equipment since high school. Hence, the six enlargers. Only one was bought new: the Chromega B in the early 1970s. I have not spent more than $100 (usually less) on each of the others.

Where I am not redundant is in enlarging lenses, although I have sold a few to reach this. Good lenses hold their value and are therefore salable. I have a full set of negative carriers from 35mm up to 4x5 for both Omega and Beseler. I even have 4x5 and a 6x9 medium format carrier for both, even though I do not (yet) own a cameras in those formats. I do own and use 35mm, 645, 6x6, and 6x7. I have glass carriers for both brands.

The easels are a minor story. I had not routinely used a 4 blade easel until a few years ago. I used the Speed Ez-Els mostly, plus an old two blade, as well as an old, heavy, no-name clunker 4 blade. But, while at a workshop I discovered the Saunders 4 blade easels and decided I have to had one of those. Oddly, while enlargers are cheap on the used market, easels are not! Go figure. But, I found the 11x14 at a reasonable price. Then, I longed for a 16x20. A seller on the internet advertised a Kostiner and I bought it, but when it arrived it was the 14x14, not the 20x20! (Kostiners are square – one can use them oriented either vertically or horizontally.) I kept it because I had gotten it at a fair price for its size, although dealing with the seller had not been pleasant (another story). I reasoned I could sell it for what I paid for it. Later on, a 16x20 Saunders became available. By this time, however, I was not sure whether I preferred the Saunders over the Kostiner, and when a friend had an actual 20x20 for sale, I got it. So, there you are. Four easels!

I also have temperature control equipment left over from early color printing and E6 developing days (who knows, I could do it again.) This includes print drums of all sizes, and a motor base. There are many film reels and tanks, both steel and plastic, but the steel gets used.

Other stuff, like timers, thermometers, tanks, reels, tongs, beakers, graduates, et al, just seem to accumulate and stick around. I have my favorites, and some that never get used. Someday, perhaps a bright-eyed young novice will grab my attention and I’ll be able to give him or her everything they need to start a darkroom out of my surplus. It hasn’t happened yet, but who knows …