February 21, 2010


One of the first steps in the darkroom construction was to pull up the carpet. I mean, who has carpet in a chemical darkroom? (I’m sure someone does …)

I haven’t gotten much work done on the project since the blog was started due to other priorities. I won’t elaborate here, just take my word for it. Anyway, I had set aside today to pull up the carpet. Pulling up carpet is pretty straightforward. Make some cuts so that it can be rolled up in manageable strips, and roll up the strips. The hard part is pulling up the tack strips if you’re not putting down new carpet. I was prepared for this since I’ve done it before.

So, I make the first cut and attempt to pull up a corner. Oh … my … god! It’s glued down! Who glues carpet to a floor? (I’m sure someone does …) I got it up, but I had to develop a technique that involved cutting much smaller strips. A lot more cutting, and a lot more work. This one hour job ended up taking about 5 hours!

And, on top of that, now I will have to put something down over the sub-floor, since I will never scrape all the glue up. If I decide on tile, no problem. I’ll just put the backer board down over the glue. But, I was thinking of sheet vinyl – the “no glue” type. May have to re-think. Stay tuned.

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  1. Consider putting some outlets on the ceiling or high on the wall near the ceiling.


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