October 28, 2010

What's left (and what's still not right)

In any project that has gone on for way over the expected time, there usually comes a point where you just get tired of it. It doesn’t matter how much you want the project to be finished, or more importantly, want the final result of the project ( a working darkroom in this case), you are simply tired of the whole ordeal.

This darkroom is so close now, as to now be as frustrating as were all of the weeks and then months that passed while it was still so far from finished.

(Excuse the bad photoshop merge - I just don't put much effort into it.)

Where am I today? The safelights are up and wired. Testing them will be the first thing I do once I feel like putting chemistry in trays. All of the fixtures are in except for a work table. It goes where the chair is sitting under the shelves.  My plan had always been to build one, but in the interest of time and not much more money, I have decided to purchase one, as previously discussed.

So, what’s left to do?

There’s really nothing that would prevent me from working; not even the absence of a “work table”. However, I learned from my father’s wisdom and experience that there was often nothing more permanent then a temporary solution. So, I really want to get everything done. Granted, I may, and probably will, change and adjust things down the road, but starting without everything right now is not the answer.

  • I need to decide where to put up a rack to hang film to dry. (I have the rack)
  • Get the heater up and running. (Also already procured – but it may get down in the 40s this week!)
  • Make a frame for the print drying racks (old one didn’t survive the tear down of the last darkroom.)
  • Acquire the final fixture – a work table - so that I have a place for the light box.
Secondary importance, but I want it done:
  • Get a new air compressor (see previous blog post)
  • Get a stereo receiver (this is a story all to itself – maybe a future post)
And last – things that might wait, but are still on the must do list:

  • Better tray storage – right now they’re just stacked under the long sink. Need some racks or dividers or something.
  • Storage for the enlarger lenses.
And, of course, there are the dozens of little tools and do-dads that probably aren't in their final resting place.  They'll get moved around and settle eventually.  Almost there - almost!

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  1. looks good David. Can't wait to see it in person. I have some 4x5 film to load and I have a present for the darkroom.


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