March 14, 2010

Bits and pieces

Not too much to see, still.  I've done a good bit of wiring and prep for other things (demolition).  I ran a separate circuit for the existing air conditioner, and it will handle an electric heater when the time comes.  Should I decide to upgrade to a combo heater/AC, there is a heavier wire waiting for that potential circuit.  I am hoping that once I get this space insulated and sealed up, this AC will be fine.  I can get a small space heater for the winter.

Soon, there will be insulation and sheetrock, and then we’ll start to really "see" some progress. I've got the floor man scheduled in a couple of weeks. I have decided to do tile, but not to do it myself!  I'm doing everything else.

Interesting thing on the plumbing. On one of the online forums, another darkroom builder was discussing his lack of a drain. As is always the case, he got a lot of suggestions, but one was a device I didn’t know about and would have been perfect for my last darkroom. It was an integrated tank and sump pump built specifically for an application such as having a laundry sink in a basement and needing to drain it up to the house drain. I could have used such a device at the old house instead of the holding tank and pumped to the main house drain only about 20 ft away. Oh, well.

Unfortunately, this specific device won’t work at the current house. I’m too far from a house drain (100’s of feet), plus I’m on a septic now, and why take that chance? But, it does give me an idea for using a simpler sump pump to move the waste water out to the garden. Stay tuned.

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