March 8, 2010

Electric weekend!

This week just did not turn out as planned. A brief flu-like bout mid week – got over it about as fast as it came on, but it subtracted an evening or two I meant to spend on the darkroom. That setback not withstanding, I had this weekend all planned out. Saturday was to be spent doing yard work; Sunday on the darkroom.

The yard work went as planned. This is the project that is slowing down the darkroom progress. It’s not standard yard work. We had snow damage (yes, snow damage) to many, many trees on our semi-rural lot, and I am slowly getting the cleanup taken care of. I would much rather be doing something else, but it’s gotta be done. I could have hired an arborist, but, believe me, it would have been thousands of dollars! However, I digress …

Got a good deal of wiring done. Not much to show in a picture, so I won’t bother. Dry side is ready to close-up. The wet side could be done, but I’m still unsure about the placement of a couple of things, so it’s still in flux. Still thinking about the overhead lights, too. I have always thought that the darkroom lights should be track lights, then they would be very flexible and easily changeable, especially the safelights. I may end up with the safelights on tracks, but not the general overhead task lighting. I just need to make some decisions. I’m trying to wire (and plumb) for future considerations, but that is not always completely successful. Anyway, sheetrock is coming soon and then things will really start to take shape.

I’ve got one wall to frame. The stairwell from the floor below is open to the second level. Easy enough, but I am having to take wiring into consideration for that, too; since the new partition will have the darkroom door, and, of course, light switches!

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