June 8, 2010

Sinks, etc.

Wow!  There is a bit more room in my garage and shop now that the darkroom stuff is in the darkroom.  Not 100% moved in, but mostly.

Things are a ways from being finished, of course.  The plumbing is still not hooked up, although the sinks are in place, there are cabinets to build, and shelves and racks to put up.  Then, placement of safelights, and a dozen or so other small things.  Still, it's getting there.

EDIT:  Someone left a comment asking if the printwasher is home-made.  No, it is a 11x14 Versalab.  The stand, I did make.  I also made the stand for the longer sink.


Yes, Suzanne, it is starting to take shape.  Just not done yet.  I am on the road (for work) most of this month, so it may still be a while. 


  1. Getting close... great feeling, huh? And with the sinks in, the space really starts to take shape.


  2. I saw the nice printwasher, is this a hom made one, if so could you please send me some drawings?
    I am in due for one...
    Thank you,

  3. In one of your May posts you stated that you have an Omega enlarger that you might be sell parts of. I recently acquired an Omega DII enlarger. I have the 4x5 negative carrier but I would also like to find a 120 (6x6) carrier, and a 35mm carrier. Do you have any that you might be willing to sell and would they fit the DII?? Other carriers that I would like to get are 6x7 and 6x9. Don't know if they are made or if I will have to make them myself. Your darkroom looks cool. Mine is kind of small, 4'8"x6'8" but it works for me. Someone on Photo.net posted a link to your blog, and said "The only problem with looking at this, is that it will make you green with envy." He was right.


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