June 1, 2010

A milestone

I declare the "construction phase" finished!

Over the long weekend, I started moving in sinks, shelving, enlarger chassis, etc.  Still a lot of work to do, but the visiable progress should be faster and the blog a little more interesting.  I appreciate any of you that have actually followed this since February.  You must be bored.

Some panos:

I own a swing-lens panoramic camera.  I had never shot color film in it before until I decided to do some documentation of the darkroom construction.  I had to wait until I finished up the roll and then got it processed.  (No irony there ...)

I am just not very practiced at scanning and I am afraid that the results are disappointing.  Never mind the color balance from the different lighting.  But here they are anyway to show some before and after.  I had even less luck stitching digi shots (see Feb 15 post on the blog), but this is still not much better than rough illustration.  Oh, well.  My analog printing is much better and that is why I'm building the darkroom!


  1. That looks like absolute heaven to me! Looking forward to its progressions... Good luck!!

    Best regards,


  2. I see the drain for the sink, yet I wonder: as you couldn't connect to the house what did you ultimately decide to do for the darkroom drain?

  3. Wow, now this is a darkroom, I have to make do with multipurpose space (laundry and furnace room). Good luck with the remainder of the project!


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