August 15, 2010

Some progress

It continues to be so hot as to make working in the shop oppressive!  In spite of this - progress, however slow and invisible to the outsider, continues on.  The track saw arrived and met expectations.  Very pleased with the tool.  Material for the cabinets was procured.  Other jigs and devices for making the cabinets and other things have been completed, as well as the final design drawings.

And then there is all the other things that demand my time.  The rest of the house can only be ignored so long and chores have caught up with me.  This past week saw an electrician, a plumber, and the sprinkler repairman all visit.  But, those things are fixed!

And just this Friday I had a complete physical.  Seems I'm pretty healthy for my age.

I wish this would go faster, but apparently life is what happens when you make other plans.

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