September 12, 2010

OK, I promise to work harder ...

I hate blogs that get started and then just stop.  Usually the novelty wears off and the blogger has lost interest.  I assure you that the novelty wearing off is not the problem here.  And, I apologize for the lack of progress.

I have just returned from two weeks out of town.  Prior to that, it was record heat that kept me from working, coupled with the unexpected eye surgery back in June before that.

I am fully recovered from the eye thing, I'm back in town, and it's hot, but not "as hot".  Plus, it is at least mid-September and the actual hotness will break soon.  It always does.  So, onward and upward once I get settled back in from being gone for a while. 

I am inspired.  One thing vacations are good for is getting one's batteries recharged.  Among other things, we visited a number of photography and art venues and I got an idea for a new direction in my own photography.  This makes me even more anxious about getting my own darkroom back up - as I will need it!

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