September 27, 2010

Cabinets (finally)

I am thrilled to report that the drought of activity is broken. I made significant progress over the weekend, as witnessed by the completion and installation of the enlarger cabinets.

There are two Beseler 4x5s – one is on the adjustable stand in the center. I built two cabinets to flank the enlarger stand. The larger of the cabinets on the right holds the second enlarger. Underneath is storage for easels and possibly the print drying racks – I haven’t fully settled on that yet. The cabinet on the left will be a general work area and misc. storage.


  1. Holy cow! It's beginning to look like a real darkroom--except with the lights on. :)

    Looks great, David!

  2. Looking good David, I am offically jealous of all that room.

  3. What kind of stand is the enlarger on the left mounted to? I'm looking for a stand that has an adjustable height baseboard like that. Thank you.


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