May 2, 2010

Another darkroom construction blogger

Another local photographer that I know is also building a new darkroom (his 4th) and has decided to blog the effort.  It is an interesting project (beyond just being a darkroom) because he is building "portable".  Having had to move residence several times, he tired of starting over each time with a darkroom, and so is converting an old travel trailer that he can take with him - not to mention "on location" one would suppose.

Anyway, here's the link:

I've also added a link on the Other Links page to another photographer whom I "know" only on the internet.  She, too has been blogging construction of a darkroom, and is finished!

1 comment:

  1. I'm living in a natural reserve France and I'm blogging the building my new instruction darkroom too. It's coming along slowly because of my dayjob (I'm a professional digital photographer with a 9.00-21.00 5/7 shop). But it's slowly getting done nonetheless. Please have a look :


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