May 8, 2010


The current enlarger inventory includes a Beseler 4x5, and an Omega 4x5.  Both acquired inexpensively.  All kinds of carriers and do-dads for both.

I went out today and picked up another Beseler 4x5 chassis!  I already have two heads (dicro and condenser), and had planned on switching them out (fairly easy with a Beseler).   A young film photographer had put one on Craigslist because he was cleaning out his stash.  Once I got there, I also picked up two Kodak "D" safelights!

Now, I may have the Omega D5 with a Chromega head for sale.  Two enlargers is one thing, but three 4x5s is too much even for me.  With the Omega and some accessories I could sell separately, I should more than get my money back.

Life is good - but back to work.

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