May 16, 2010


I hate drywall. I consider it a necessary evil. When I built the last darkroom, it was part of a larger out building that contained my wife’s studio and some storage. I did all of the interior construction: electrical, plumbing, drywall and paint. A few years later, we remodeled a bathroom. The contractor I ended up hiring would do everything except finish the drywall and paint. Heck, I can do that!

Well, I did, but I had forgotten what a pain it is and how much I hated it when I was finishing the out building. A year after this, we did more remodeling, with the same contractor, and I found a good drywall/paint guy. I swore I would never do sheetrock again. I even had this same man back to do some work to sell the old house and a little at the new house.

However, the darkroom is an effort at saving money, so here we are. The drywall is all up, taped and bedded, sanded and ready to paint – by me! We have had high humidity all week and actual rain yesterday. No rain today even thought there was a 30% chance. Rain is in the forecast for the next several days. Of course, working on the darkroom is indoors and out of the weather, but the moisture is not helping. Just takes longer for things to dry.

I had hoped to have the painting done by the end of this weekend. Didn’t happen. Oh, well. Still, I will mark the final clean-up of the paint brushes as the end of the construction phase! It’s an arbitrary and probably meaningless milestone, but I’ll mark it anyway. From here, it is the installation of the fixtures.  Oh, wait, there's the window ...

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  1. I saw the nice printwasher, is this a hom made one, if so could you please send me some drawings?
    I am in due for one...
    Thank you,


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